K-Pop Bass Guitar Masterpieces: From Boyz II Men to Blackpink

K-Pop Bass Guitar Masterpieces: From Boyz II Men to Blackpink

K-Pop has become a global phenomenon since its origins in South Korea. But what about the driving force behind K-Pop’s signature sound? Bass guitar has been a crucial element in the genre’s growth and evolution, but which artists have made the most impactful bass guitar masterpieces? From the legendary Boyz II Men to the genre’s current biggest stars, Blackpink, dive into this blog post to find out which K-Pop bass guitar masterpieces stand out.

K-Pop Bass Guitar Masterpieces:

Introduction to K-Pop Bass Guitar Masterpieces

When it comes to K-Pop, the bass guitar is one of the most essential instruments. From leading groups like Boyz II Men and Blackpink to popular soloists like Seungri and Epik High’s Tablo, the bass guitar has played a crucial role in shaping the sound of modern K-Pop. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best K-pop bass guitars ever made, from classics like the Beatle’s “Blackbird” to more modern tracks.

Boyz II Men’s “Oh My Goodness”: A Classic K-Pop Song with a Catchy Bass Line

“Oh, My Goodness” is a classic K-Pop song with a catchy bass line. The song was released in 1996 by the boy group Boyz II Men. The song was written by Teddy Riley and produced by then-manager Lou Pearlman. The bass line in “Oh My Goodness” is one of the most memorable and well-known parts of the song. The bass line is played by Teddy Riley himself, and it is one of the most popular bass lines in K-Pop history. The bass line is very catchy, and it has been used in many other K-Pop songs over the years.

The bass line in “Oh My Goodness” has been praised by many K-Pop fans and music experts. Many people say that the bass line is one of the best bass lines in K-Pop history. The bass line has also been used in many popular K-Pop songs over the years, including “Gangnam Style” by Psy and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston.

The bass line in “Oh My Goodness” is definitely one of the most memorable and well-known parts of the song. The bass line is very catchy, and it has been used in many other K-Pop songs over the years. If you are a fan of K-pop music, you need to definitely check out the Bassline in “Oh My Goodness”.

f(x)’s “Electric Shock”: Heavy but Groovy

“Electric Shock” might be f(x)’s heaviest song yet, but the bass line is so catchy that it’s hard not to get pulled in. The song was produced by Teddy Park and features the vocals of Sulli and Victoria. It’s an addictive track that will have you tapping your feet along with the beat.

Bigbang’s “Fantastic Baby”: The Ultimate Party Tune

Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and popular K-pop songs with a bass guitar. The song has been voted first in several music charts and continues to be played on radio stations all over the world.

The bass guitar plays a big role in setting the danceable tone for “Fantastic Baby”. It thumps along to create an irresistible groove, while Bang’s high-pitched vocals provide light but the infectious melody. The track radiates youthful energy and is perfect for any party – whether it’s a simple backyard get-together or an elaborate bash at the club.

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TVXQ’s “Mirotic”: An Epic Ballad Driven by the Bassline

TVXQ’s “Mirotic” is one of the most popular k-pop ballads of all time, thanks largely to its catchy and powerful bassline. The song was composed by member Tae Yoon who enlisted the help of veteran bassist Kim Young Chul to create an unforgettable accompaniment.

“Mirotic” is a beautiful and dramatic love story aimed against the backdrop of war-torn Croatia. The song touches on themes of loss and separation, with Tae Yoon conveying heartfelt emotions through his haunting vocals. The atmospheric bassline provides a driving force that helps make “Mirotic” one of the genre’s most memorable tracks.

BTS’ “I Need You”: Hard-Hitting and Finest Riffs

Classic K-Pop Basslines: Boyz II Men to Big Bang

One of the most popular and successful K-Pop groups of all time, BTS, has released a string of hits sure to have your feet tapping. “I Need You,” the group’s latest release, is a heart-wrenching ballad with a heavy bassline. The song was written by RM, one of the group’s five members, and features some of the group’s most intricate and powerful riffs.

TVXQ’s “Mirotic”: An Epic Ballad Driven by the Bassline

If you’re a fan of K-Pop, then you’re definitely familiar with TVXQ. The group is considered one of the pioneers of the genre, and their 1995 hit “Mirotic” is one of the most popular and well-known songs in K-Pop history. “Mirotic” was written by Suzy and Yoochun and features a thundering bassline that propels the song forward.

Classic K-Pop Basslines: Boyz II Men to Big Bang If you are looking for classic K-Pop basslines, then you’ll want to check out Boyz II Men’s 1993 hit “End of the Road”. The track features an addictive bassline that will have your toes tapping all afternoon long. Soon after, Big Bang ushered in the 2000s with their massive hit “Grip ( digs)”, which features some of the group’s most explosive riffs ever recorded. If you’re looking for some of the most iconic K-Pop basslines then you need to check out these two tracks!

Contemporary K-Pop Basslines: EXO to BTS

With “I Need You,” BTS continues its reign as one of the biggest K-Pop groups in history. The track, which features powerful drums and basslines all driven by frontman Jungkook’s vocals, is a must-listen for any fan of the genre. Other bands have since followed suit with their own tracks boasting similarly impressive basslines – from legendary boy group Boyz II Men to chart-topping girl group Blackpink.

While many K-pop basslines follow a repetitive pattern, BTS’ songs boast some of the hardest-hitting bass lines around. This attention to detail can be heard in songs like “DNA” and “Fire.” Both tracks sport speedy riffs and intricate harmonies layered on top of Jungkook’s heavenly vocals. Adding to the modern feel of these tracks is the incorporation of synthesizers and electronic beats – often giving the basslines a more futuristic sound.

While many bass players may be intimidated by the complexity of K-Pop basslines, those with a strong foundation can learn how to play them relatively easily. Partaking in workshops or practicing regularly will ensure that your playing transcends the genre boundaries and gives you the opportunity to show off your skills on some of BTS’ most popular tracks.

Iconic K-Pop Basslines: Wonder Girls to Blackpink

BTS’ “I Need You” is a driving pop anthem with hard hitting and finest riffs. The song was composed by RM, who also played the bass guitar in the track. In fact, it is one of his most popular compositions to date.

The bass line in “I Need You” drives the song along and provides depth and power to its sound. The catchy melody and powerful instrumentation give the track an epic feel that makes it stand out from other K-Pop tracks.

It is this uniqueness that has helped make RM’s bassline one of Korea’s iconic basslines.

Future of K-Pop Basslines: From Red Velvet to NCT 127

Since its debut in 2017, BTS has dominated the global music landscape with its heartfelt and emotive songwriting style. One of the most popular tracks of BTS is driven by hard-hitting and crafted riffs that emphasize the group’s powerful vocal capabilities.

Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” has a catchy bassline that drives the track forward. The basslines for NCT 127’s latest hit, “Chewing Gum,” are characterized as lively and upbeat, providing an essential sonic foundation for the group’s choreography. K-Pop fans can expect more innovative basslines from upcoming artists, showcasing the genre’s vibrant future.

EXO’s “Growl”: Smooth and Soothing Licks

Classic Boyz II Men Ballads

EXO’s ‘Growl” is a smooth and soothing lick that is perfect for ballads. The bass guitar in this song offers a warm and grounding sound that helps create a feeling of intimacy and stability.

Innovative Blackpink Hits

EXO’s “Growl” is one of the most popular basslines in K-Pop right now. The smooth and peaceful licks of the song are a perfect example of how bass guitar can add depth and emotion to a song. Blackpink also uses the bass guitar to great effect in their songs. Their basslines are innovative and often unexpected, which makes them stand out from the rest.

K-Pop Bass Guitar Stars

EXO’s “Growl” is one of the most popular tracks on their latest album and shows off the band’s impressive bass skills. The track has a mellow, soothing vibe with smooth sweeps and riffs that are perfect for relaxing or sleeping to.

Although many K-Pop bass guitar stars have released tracks that share similar elements, few can truly compare to EXO in terms of popularity and quality. Here are four of Korea’s top bass players who are sure to amaze you with their talent:

  1. Seungwoo from Super Junior: With gritty grooves and thundering solos, Seungwoo is definitely one of the most aggressive K-Pop bass players around.
  2. Kim Dongwook of BTS: Known for his powerful bass lines and catchy hooks, Kim Dongwook is a bass legend in the making. His tracks always have a catchy vibe that will keep you hooked for hours on end.
  3. Ki Hyun from Blackpink: Ki Hyun is one of the most unique and talented bass players in the industry. Her tracks are often infused with electronica and experimental sounds, making her one of the most unique and exciting bass players around.
  4. G-Dragon from BIGBANG: Although he is better known for his vocals, G-Dragon is an amazing bass guitarist too. His tracks always boast catchy riffs and chunky beats that will keep you hooked for hours.

Funky Grooves of the 90s

Since the release of the hit song “Growl” in 2016, EXO has been praised for its smooth and soothing riffs both by fans and music critics. The funky groove featured in the track is a throwback to 90s alternative rock, with heavy use of BPM syncopation and lead single “Lonely” featuring some Caribbean-inspired rhythms.

While EXO’s bass guitar playing might be new to some listeners, it is definitely not new to the K-Pop scene. Bass guitars have been a staple instrument in many hip-hop and R&B songs since the early days of the genre. One of the earliest examples of a bass guitar in a K-Pop song is Korean rapper Psy’s seminal track The gentleman from his album M.A.P (Music Award ) in 2000.

While bass guitars have been used in K-Pop for many years, there has been a recent increase in bass guitar play in mainstream Korean music. It might be due to the fact that bass guitars are more versatile than ever and can be used to create a variety of sounds and styles.

Some of the most popular K-Pop songs with Bass guitar include BTS’ chart-topping hit “DNA”, Blackpink’s sexy anthem “Whistle”, Hwang Chi Yeol’s ballad “Free You” from his latest album Rebel, Baek A Yeon’s soulful ballad “Don’t Know” from her debut album I, Baek A Yeon and Red Velvet’s catchy “Ice Cream Cake”. While EXO’s bass guitar playing is definitely a highlight of their latest release “Growl”, bass guitars have been a common fixture in K-Pop music for years and are sure to remain an integral part of the genre moving forward.

TWICE’s “Signal”: Uplifting Arpeggiations of Funky Grooves

TWICE’s “Signal” is a song with uplifting arpeggiations that has quickly become a fan favorite. The synth basslines in the background add depth and texture to the track while the girls vocally soar above it all.

The inspiration for “Signal” came from TWICE’s love for 90s funk music. According to Jihyo, FT Island was one of their biggest influences at the time, and they wanted to create a song that sounded similar to their songs. Enlisting the help of producer Park Jin Young helped them achieve this goal.

One of “Signal”‘s most notable features is its unique syncopation which helps give it an extra layer of groove.TWICE has been praised for its ability to mix funk with pop melodies, making it an essential part of modern K-pop music.

BLACKPINK’s “Ddu Du Ddu Du’: Thumping Beats for All to Enjoy

Blackpink’s “Ddu Du Ddu Du” is a catchy and upbeat track that is sure to get you moving. The bass guitar plays a key role in this song, providing thumping beats that keep the rhythm going. The bass guitar also provides some interesting arpeggiations that add a layer of complexity to the song. Whether you’re a fan of K-pop or not, “Ddu Du Ddu Du” is worth checking out.

2NE1’s ‘Ugly” : Pounding Electro Harp Popping Tunes

Few K-Pop songs can boast as much bass guitar firepower as 2NE1’s “Ugly.” The track is a powerhouse of an electro harp-driven tune that sure to make you tap your feet. The bass guitar plays a huge role in driving the song forward and it shines in the mix really well. The bass guitar provides a thumping backbone for the song, while the electro-harp pops and pulses along to create an addicting soundscape.

The bass guitar in “Ugly” is played by YG Entertainment’s very own Lee Seung Gi, and his mastery of the instrument is on full display in this powerhouse track. Lee Seung Gi’s bass guitar work in “Ugly” really sets the tone for the rest of the song, and his expert playing really brings out the power and energy of the track. His bass work on “Ugly” is nothing short of amazing, and his contribution to the song is truly invaluable.

SHINee’s ‘Lucifer’: Hypnotic Reggae Vibes From Start to Finish

Shinee’s “Lucifer” is one of the more unique K-Pop songs to feature bass guitar. The reggae influence definitely comes through in the percussion and vocals, but it’s also accompanied by a heavy dose of electric guitar. This makes for an interesting mix that gives Lucifer a unique sound. While some listeners may not be used to this kind of bass-heavy music, fans of Shinee or reggae, in general, should find plenty to love here.


For years the bass guitar has been a staple in K-pop, and there are many bass guitar masterpieces to be found in the genre. From SHINee’s “Lucifer” to Blackpink’s “Kill This Love,” these songs are sure to get your feet moving.

K-Pop music has been dominated by bass guitar for over a decade now, and it looks like the trend is here to stay. From Boyz II Men’s classic “Oh My Goodness” to Blackpink’s modern banger “Ddu Du Ddu Du,” K-Pop songs with amazing bass lines have become some of the most recognizable tunes in the world.

Whether you’re looking for something groovy, hard-hitting, or downright fun, there is sure to be a K-Pop song that fits your needs and preferences. Now that you’ve learned about some of the best K-Pop bass guitar masterpieces out there, why not head over and check out our other content?